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General rules applied TO ALL PLAYERS:

-it is forbidden to swear or insult other players and it doesn't matter in which chat! Respect others like you respect yourself.(Ban 5-60min)
-it is forbidden to have a bad word or an insult in your nickname. (Warning & amx_nick "BAD WORD" "Change name!") (Kick/Ban 5-60min)
-it is forbidden to use any map bugs or glitches. (Slap/Slay/Kick/Ban 5-60min)
-it is forbidden to scream, play music via microphone and disturb others in any other way. (Kick/Ban 5-60min)
-advertisement of any kind is forbidden.
-ghosting is forbidden!, giving up positions for other players. (Ban 5-60min)
-it is forbidden to create your own rules. (Ban 5-60min) -evading active bans is forbidden (Changing IP or installing new nonsteam with new SteamIDs) (Ban - Use remaining time of the active ban)
-it is forbidden to use any cheat. (Ban Permanently) -only real ADMINS and Supporters can use tags "ADMIN| Name" and "SUPPORT| Name" (Warning) "amx_nick "Current name" "New Nickname". (Ban 5-60min)

General rules applied TO ALL Admin, SuperAdmin:

-it is forbidden to Slay, Kick, Slap players for nothing or without reason. (Warning or loss of rights and benefits). (Ban 15-180min and possible loss of rights and benefits)
-it is forbidden to change map before 15mins have passed from the beginning but if players asks for a map change you can start a vote (amx_vote "Change map?" Yes No) If people really wants it you can start a votemap after the custom vote (Ban 60-180min)
-it is forbidden to make votemap at about 2mins timeleft when starts server automatic vote (5 maps). (Warning) (Ban 15-180min)
-it is forbidden to place offensive custom votes against any player, for example: 'Is he noob?'! (Warning) (Ban 15-180min)
-free-Ban and/or incorrect/false player Ban equals loss of admin rights and benefits without warning. (Ban 15-180min)
-swearing in ban reason is strictly forbidden, you must write down the exact ban reason, otherwise loss of admin rights and benefits without warning. (Ban 15-180min)
-it is forbidden to ban or kick for High Ping, Copied Nicknames, AFK (Away from Keyboard) and any other lame reasons that isn't valid/listed in the rules (Loss of Rights and Benefits without Warning) (Ban 15-180min)
-admins must communicate through administrator chat. Discipline each other only through admin chat. Post messages that they can be seen (through @)- this is the easiest hello, goodbye , to send requests ss, to remind C4 planting, hosts salvation, discipline players who do not follow the rules .
-every admin must take screenshot/-s through command amx_ss "nickname" or record Name / Nick of every suspicious server player.
-every admin who makes the SS must be spectator.
-before banning, admin must ask send ss to forum or private skype , but not ban immediately!