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As one of the most successful gaming communities with more than 20 own game servers.

Loyal players support us with a voluntary premium membership so that we can offer the best quality and performance.

In return receive all premium players special abilities on all game servers. A list of all features you see with a click on one of the games listed below.


Click on a game to make you our Superior Features.

Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter-Strike Source

Counter-Strike GO

Team Fortress 2

Why Sytes ?

✔ Community

We have more than 6 years. On our servers you play as part of a large community, and not only against random players.

✔ Anti-Cheat

Our Admins and our proprietary anti-cheat system to keep all servers free of cheaters and troublemakers.

✔ Large selection

For each popular Map, we have our own server. Hardly anywhere else you can find a larger selection.

✔ Ranking

Each server has retained its own toplist and your previous successes. Each turn increases your personal ranking on the server.

✔ Unique

Through our self-developed mods we offer you a variety of settings.

✔ Quality

We are free from annoying advertising and we will offer the best quality and performance.

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